Sam has spoken on and taught comedy all over the place -  at the D&ADs in London, at Pixar, in dozens of ad agencies and performance academies. His quest? To inspire a deeper sense of humanity through the celebration of human absurdity. And to help advertising make more authentic connections. 

Comedy in Advertising Workshops

How do you inspire authentic comedy in advertising? Sam's Comedy Isn't Funny workshops explore inventive new ways to approach and create comedy in our work as ad professionals.  

Through an eye-opening stew of improv, lecture, spontaneous writing and performance, Sam provides fresh, new perspectives and powerful reframings. You’ll discover surprising starting points, shortcuts, and tips from an expert.

·      Discover comedic premise

·      Write for comedic characters

·      Direct talent

·      Get on your feet and perform

Who's this for? Not just copywriters. Art directors, producers, even account folks all get a lot out of it.

Workshops can be customized for your needs. Anything from lunchtime talks to multi-day intensives. 

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Participant Reviews

“Sam Pond creates an altered reality. One that thrives in the creative. The comedic. The atmosphere is so supportive and comfortable that anything goes. And thus anything does go. And magic happens. Meanwhile, you get to watch Sam Pond think on his feet. It’s truly impressive.” – Louisa M.

“I really wish he knew the self-confidence he instilled in me. What an incredible highlight of my career. Sam Pond gave me not just an incredible gift, he taught me a valuable life lesson. I can count on one hand how many teachers/instructors/professors have made that deep of an impression on me.” – Marco L.

“I am going to gush for a bit because I am very enthusiastic about the whole experience. I think Sam Pond is a brilliant writer/teacher/human –It was great to mix writing, learning, improvisation, acting. And class left me feeling empowered –like hey, this is doable!!!”  – Alisa D.

“Every time I have work with Sam, I come away with new knowledge. Especially, if there’s comedy involved. I have never worked with anyone who has such an immediate understanding of what makes us laugh.”  – Brian S.

“I had a notion, coming into this, about comedy -- and it didn't include me. There were the funny people and the rest of us. But the gift you just gave me is the realization that when relaxed, listening and available, funny things can happen - even for me.   Amy M.

“If you want someone who can mainline humor from a script directly into the actors’ brains with concise and discerned direction, Sam Pond is your person. If you want someone who sucks all the fun out of acting, with a focus on how much more important he is than you, Sam is not your guy.”Bella T.

“When it comes to creativity, Sam is king. Not only does he create some of the best ads in the world, he is incredible to work with. I have never worked with a producer who is better than Sam Pond.”– Max M.

“Sam created a relaxed and playful atmosphere where I felt free to experiment with my voice and did not feel any pressure to be “on”; yet he still kept the class focused and on track. My experience was both challenging and incredibly fun.”– Aurora S.

“I've only had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sam Pond once, during a class, and it was a joy! It all boiled down to one of those moments in time that is indelibly etched into my brain.”  – Una P.

“Sam is a quadruple threat of teacher, writer/director, and comedian. As a teacher, he is attentive and clear. He taught me to analyze the structure of a script, in order to bring out a unique performance, while still encouraging my point of view. As a director, he is accessible, casual, and smart. And best of all, Sam is funny! He had me cracking up constantly.”– Sally C.