No Evidence of Human Life

I just ran across this eloquent :36 video of Brian Eno talking about how the ease and precision of technology creates music that is all the same, devoid of humanity.


Isn’t this true in advertising? Yes, while technology is partly to blame, the real issue in advertising is fear. I understand that hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake with every production, and millions at stake in media, and thrown together creates a lot of fear.

“The temptation of the technology is to smooth everything out.” – Brian Eno

So fear is our technology.

“…what you gradually do is homogenize the whole song until every bar sounds the same…until there’s no evidence of human life at all in there.” – Brian Eno

And while this wallpaper appears to work, through the shear muscle of media dollars, it’s empty. And more and more money has to be spent to brainwash people that what they’re seeing is the authentic human behavior. (In comedy, we celebrate the flaws of human beings, not their strengths. It relies on hard truths, not placid agreements. That's why the art of comedy is beautiful!)

We, as advertising creators, might not even know we’re perpetuating the same bullshit!

We know what we see on TV. It’s familiar. So we replicate it over and over again. And in the end, humanity is not served. In fact, we’re all agreeing to the same nonsensical rules, nodding our heads like so many doomed lemmings. This heartless version of humanity only serves to perpetuate more heartlessness. This is like changing ourselves to fit everyone else’s idea of who we should be. Fuck that.