Isadora Duncan Would Be Proud

I love it when I'm rewarded by something happening.

Most spots these days, nothing really happens. We’re treated to an absurd situation (often clever -- advertising is really good at this) which goes on and on and on. What are we rewarded by? A goddamned logo.

A true comedic hero has a goal and will do what makes sense to them to achieve that goal. I call it “taking it to the end of the line.” 

In this spot, a little girl performs a heartfelt dance embodying her unfathomable ennui over waiting eight more days to go to Great Wolf Lodge. She pulls out a full Isadora Duncan.

Now, if this were most spots, she’d just keep dancing until the logo is rudely thrown in our faces. But here, something happens -- she falls to the floor, the ultimate expression of her pain.

That would be incredibly satisfying to see. But here, we see it through the eyes of her fellow students as they watch her fall, the camera discovering her lifeless body on the classroom floor.   

These kinds of things make me happy. Now you know.