If I Just Keep Trying...

Comedy is preposterous optimism.

Who does this in real life? Who gets up every morning, showers, shaves, breakfasts, gets into a car, goes to work, comes home, dinners, sleeps, repeats -  all while dreaming of another life?

If we just keep trying, we’ll succeed. Things will be different. We just need to keep trying.

Austin Powers just wants to turn around. Mr. Bean just wants to hold the bar of soap. This guy just wants to retrieve a rag. Simple needs. Made complicated by not knowing it's not going to work. So industrious. So blind. So optimistic.

Funny because at least it’s not us.  Wait, it is us. Hmmm...

There are still spots open for this February’s Comedy Isn’t Funny workshop ­– comedic performance, improv, spontaneous writing and absurd creative exercises designed to help comedy spring forth.  Hope you can join us!

When: Four Wednesday nights, 2/1-2/22 – 6:30-9:30

Where: FeelGood Studios, 307 5th St. San Francisco