Comedy Isn't Funny February Workshop

Are you an advertising creative looking to expand your comedic skill set? 

An actor or voice actor looking to embody comedic characters more authentically? 

Or a film/video director seeking to build your comedic powers?

Comedy Isn’t Funny is a weekly exploration into authentic comedy. Join us as we blend comedic performance, improv, spontaneous writing and absurd creative exercises, all designed to help comedy spring forth.

The course is based on Sam’s unique approach to comedy – the celebration of misguided human beings doing their best and never giving up hope. Laughter is appreciated but never assumed. And never, ever used as a marker of success.

When: Four Wednesday nights in February, 2/1-2/22 – 6:30-9:30

Where: FeelGood Studios, 307 5th St. San Francisco

How much: Special introductory rate of $280/session or $75/class

Secure your place today! Class is limited to 15 people! Email