Non-stop Doorbells Ringing

I got the best voicemail complaint the other day. Far, far funnier than the spot about which he was complaining.

Here’s the spot. Not my best, possibly annoying, but I’m entertained by it…

Then I got this voicemail…

I feel for this guy. One moment he’s driving his truck, the next a cacophony of doorbells and cash register rings are crashing in his ears. The upcoming presidential elections are stressful for him. He might be suffering from PTSD. And this spot was too much for him. He was so freaked out by the sounds he projected that the announcer was also freaking out, just like he was.

Aren’t human beings great? It would be easy to dismiss him as a crank. But don’t we all misinterpret reality then assuage our anger by lashing out at others?

I’m with him. Advertising is annoying. And I’m sure my commercial was, as well. At least to one one person. Sorry.