“So I walked into that dealer’s office …”

For a dealership event commercial, this is a good one.

Premise – If you scratch the surface, this is a Groundhog Day world. Which begs the Groundhog Day question, “How many dinners with this man bloviating have there been so that his family has memorized his spiel word for word?” Twenty? Fifty? 100? Grade: A

Characters – Everyone is suitably annoyed. And helpless. (I’ll even forgive the goth daughter cliché. What the hell. I’m feeling generous. Maybe it’s her aggressively irritated eye-roll. Grade: A

Performances – OK, I get that the boy would say to his dad, “Good one, Dad.” But in the world of comedy, heroes are blind and wouldn’t be able to sense sarcasm. Which means the boy could have really leaned into the line. And it would have been comedically satisfying for the dad to not hear it. Grade B+

Writing – “So I walked into that dealer’s office …” Great. Anyone who starts a sentence with “So, I…” is an immediate character clue. Like the phrase, “That’s how I roll.” Grade B+

Comedy Quotient – No jokes, no real punchline, just a prolonged character sketch. A big serving of blind, ego-driven striving mixed with a healthy amount of justified annoyance. I’ve watched it dozens of times and find the whole thing immensely satisfying. Grade: B+