High Status in Action


I produced "Pond's Pitch" as a self-promotional piece several years ago with two great voice actors, Bill Bonham and Tom Chantler. It's a great example of high status in action.

People/characters carry status with them, high or low. It's easy to misperceive high status as being bold, loud and overbearing. But people with actual high status don't bloviate. They're confident and can be quite soft-spoken, even laser-like. (As opposed to a certain presidential candidate who clearly is not confident in his status.) Bill and Tom were "in the pocket" of their status - two international corporate big-shots with power to spare. They're in total control with no need to swagger. The result was that the script took off without anyone pushing. 

Also we put the mics in a tight circle, our faces inches from each other. That helped, too.