Mr. Bean and the Bar of Soap

Mr. Bean is the ultimate misguided striver and is a wonderful example of the four traits of the comedic hero: blind, arrogant (blame), industrious and hopeful. Mr. Bean and this short soap adventure exhibits all of them. Blind in that he doesn't understand the principles of wet soap. Arrogant in that he blames the soap (just look at his face.) Industrious in that he's probably thinking, "If I just try harder." And hopeful - "My efforts will eventually work." 

He's blind in that he doesn't see/fathom the properties of wet soap. He doesn't reject them - they're just not there. He's arrogant in that it's clearly the soaps fault. (Just look how he stares it down.) He's industrious in that he's thinking, "If I just keep trying. If I try harder. One hand doesn't seem to be working. Two hands is the answer!" And even if Mr. Bean managed to wake up for a moment, grabbed a fork and stabbed the soap...he'd still have to put it in his hand and the adventure would start all over again. Hope is the final trait.

What are you characters' obsessions and blind spots? (They're often two sides of the same coin.) What would they struggle over yet while never learning the truth? 

Albert Einstein is quoted, "Insanity is doing things over and over again and expecting different results." Al was a comedic genius.