Stay Hydrated

The first time I saw this spot I thought nothing of it. In fact, I was annoyed. But when I saw it again in the D&AD judge’s room, I loved it. 

Then I remembered I was in a sour mood when I first saw it. (It turns out I was dehydrated.) Which made me realize our sour moods or gleeful moods or bored moods instruct how we see things. And we judge them through the goggles we happen to have on. So is this spot any good? Depends on how hydrated you are, I suppose. (By the way, all the judges loved it.)

What can we take away from all of this? Stay hydrated.

I love how the characters freeze in his presence. They don’t protest. They don’t ask for his autograph. They simply get caught up in the Jeff Goldblum presence-magic. It’s as if they’ve heard about this phenomenon happening in the neighborhood and the advice from their friends was, “Look, if Jeff Goldblum shows up at your house, just listen to what he has to say.” Beautiful.