The Magic Phrase for Selling Comedy

I’m in the thick of this right now – how do you sell comedy? I give you the magic phrase...

 It’s worked a hundred times for me. It’s so easy. You don’t sell. You be humbly transparent.

After presenting a bunch of perfectly reasonable ideas, you shuffle the last one around and look slightly confused. Maybe even rub your eyes. Then sigh.

Then say...

“This one’s kind of crazy … I don’t know what I was thinking … I don’t even know if I should show it to you.”

It somehow magically puts them on your side. They all chime in, “Go ahead. I’m sure it’s fine. It can’t be that bad.”

Plus, it’s all authentic. It is a crazy idea. You don’t know what you were thinking. And you don’t know if you should show it to them. (Well, that last one is a little manipulative. I mean, you brought the damn thing to the presentation.) Plus, you're not selling the funny which can be like a  slow motion car wreck.

After that, you've got to keep the fucker alive. That's a whole 'nother post.