I've Got To Fix That Door

I’ll never forget the night the PuppyMonkeyBaby burst through that door in my wall. (How long has that door been there? I’ve got to stop smoking so much weed...) Dante and Carlos and I were just sitting there, chilling.

Then the PuppyMonkeyBaby showed up. (I've got to do something about that door.) Carlos started speaking tongues. Dante had a mini-seizure. And I sat there, my brain going “Zzzrptk!”, as I lost control of my sphincter (just a little). The we realized, “Hey, the PuppyMonkeyBaby is looking out for our best interests”, or whatever the baked version of that is. So everybody eventually chilled and of course, we left with him. We were high and the PuppyMonkeyBaby brought the Mountain Dew, so yeah.

The art of comedy is the art of authentic human responses. When two worlds collide, somebody has to freak out a little.