Falling Out of the Bottom of the Frame

Anytime someone falls out of the bottom of the frame, I laugh. I can’t help myself. A person was there, then the person is gone. Slipping on the soap in the shower, fainting dead away, stepping on a banana peel. I don’t care. My involuntary laugh response goes, “Hah!” I’m a simple man.

And I watched this spot – enjoying Taylor Swift blithely and blindly running and grooving – knowing it was coming; Taylor was going to fall out of the bottom of the frame.

Then this moment of expertly orchestrated CGI as Taylor crashed face first into the treadmill. I didn’t laugh. I went "Ouch."

Then rewound a few times to see how they did it.

Let's make a stand for characters falling out of the frame! So I can laugh. It's all about me.