Flying Fetus

There is nothing like a deranged, misguided human fetus. Makes me feel good to be alive.

"Ultrasound" adheres strongly to the principles of comedy and is a far better spot than it’s given credit for. From the perspective of the art of comedy, it’s filled with people (and a fetus) doing what people would do. Taking it to the end of the line.

The father and his blind obsession with Doritos. The mother with her note perfect helplessness, unable to change the thinking and behavior of her childish husband. And her deranged fetus.

There are actually two blind achievers in this spot – the dad and the fetus. Both are preoccupied with Doritos. The father takes it to the end of the line by eating them at an ultrasound. The fetus, who has clearly inherited his father’s obsession, taking it it to the end of the line by launching himself prematurely from the womb. 

I was about to write that I wish we’d seen the baby fly through the air and hit the wall. Then I stopped myself. Good thing.