A Bear Hug Isn't Enough

Another example of a fine comedic premise (something that advertising does extremely well) filled with people not doing what people do. I see two campers who take the extra step to make sure their campfire is out and encountering Smokey the Bear who hugs the man for his efforts. What a lovely start. Why aren't I laughing?

The art of comedy asks that people do what people do. And they don’t.

If you’re in the middle of a forest, with all the vulnerability of being out of your element, and a giant bear shows up, I don’t think your first reaction would be of gentle acceptance. I think you’d freeze. And you’d continue freezing as the bear takes you in his arms. “But it’s Smokey!” you respond. Look, if you’re in the middle of nowhere and a giant bear appears with a hat and pants, your nervous system would go zap. And once you realize that the bear hugging you out of love, then you could relax. Then the woman could respond, “Aw, he’s giving you a bear hug.” Sweet and real.

Comedy asks that the hero go to the end of the line. The comedic hero, the man, could then GO TO FAR. Get too comfortable. Misinterpret the hug.  Get carried away. Feel up Smokey. Try to kiss him. I don’t know. The character would know what to do.

And don’t get me started on the social media joke. I don’t know why she’s taking and posting photos in the first place. I guess people think that social media is inherently funny.