Sam Pond is a writer, producer, teacher and speaker and other fancy titles that help him assign meaning to his life. If you ask him about his agency experience, he’ll drop names like you'd drop a hot bagel fresh from the toaster. The sheer length of his advertising career has only fueled his sense of accomplishment; his reputation for creative excellence proof that PR spin is powerful indeed.

After a long career as a Shakespearean actor and a short career as a stand-up comedian, Sam has come up with the mistaken notion that he knows something about comedy. His students, there to learn about comedic writing and performance, graciously endure his droning on about the celebrities he’s worked with, including an entirely fictitious dinner with Sting. (He indeed has met Sting once, having had his grammar corrected by the man in front of a soundstage of laughing teamsters.)

Hundreds of awards have been thrust at Sam but he still refuses to go away. His habit of carrying his Clios and Cannes Lions in his pants pockets is unfortunate, and uncomfortable. And when no one asks about the bulges, he offers to pay the check and pulls out a London International statue saying, “Oh, look at that. How embarrassing.” 

Below Sam is praying that someone will take his picture. It worked.


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